Webinar Overview:  Training focused on identifying a gap in Local Marketing Agencies’ content marketing…or there lack of. We identify the two main hurdles everyone face when trying to execute consistent content marketing on behalf of their own agency. [We noticed that a majority of agencies talk the talk but don’t walk the walk]. Ultimately we reveal a content which is created for them. The content which we are providing for them is fully editable and the same content we are using in our content marketing to position our agency in front of our intended market. The content is designed to establish authority, celebrity and credibility and build it in front in front of community of local business owners while at the same time demonstrating our marketing capabilities.  It was developed based on personal experience / real world results.  

The key focus points are:

The two main problems / hurdles local marketing agencies encounter when trying to leverage content marketing (Capacity and Time).

The process and resources they can use to do it faster / cheaper
Exactly what to do to replicate our success for themselves

The Product:

Content Co-Pilot – ’Done For You’ content and templates for local marketing agencies delivered every month

60 Social Posts / month
4 Blog Posts / month
4 Mini-Presentations / month
Access to Content Co-Pilot Private Facebook Club (Group) / monthly access

The content is delivered via a Members area. The content is fully editable and can be co-branded with a user’s logo, signature etc.

The premise behind Content Co-Pilot is to provide a source of high quality content which users can use and repurpose, schedule out on behalf of their agency so they can stay in front of their existing and future customers.

This converts and resonates very well with both beginner and experienced Agencies. Content Marketing can be extremely time-consuming for most independent and small agencies.

Example Webinar:


Generic Slide Deck: 


The Offer: 

$99/mo. Bonuses are guaranteed to the first 50 buyers and we will extend that to all buyers through the replay period ( announced during closeout).  

Special Bonuses / Tweaks: Let us know what added special bonuses or changes would benefit your list to maximize conversions ASAP. 


50% with 70% of the balance paid out 7 days after cart close ( with a W8/W9 ) and remaining balance 30 days post cart close via check, wire, or PayPal. We use Thrivecart for affiliate tracking.


Demo Access:

If you’d like a demo user account we can set you up with one. All we need is the email you would like to have an account with and the name for the account.